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Innovation Pushing Logistics to New Levels in Mexico

Other languages available.   Global supply chain expansion presents exciting opportunities for companies that want to take advantage of the world marketplace. There are new markets to explore, new business partners to work with, and new customer bases to tap. But when companies go global, their freight covers longer distances and more entities are involved […]


How to Build a Robust Compliance Strategy So You Can Focus on Your Core Business

Reducing total import duty burdens, staying compliant, and minimizing the risk of penalties and shipment delays is an increasing challenge for today’s importers. As the regulatory environment becomes more complex, the list of steps that shippers have to take to stay compliant grows exponentially. Here at DB Schenker Customs Services, we realize that your team […]


A piece of history: History icon

Famous section of the Berlin Wall arrives in Washington, D.C. care of DB Schenker Famous section of Berlin Wall visits NYC on way to 25th Anniversary Celebrations in Washington, D.C. DB Schenker provided the transport of an historic piece of the Berlin Wall as it arrived at JFK airport on October 31, 2014 at 7 a.m, […]