The World Needs More Resilient Supply Chains

Defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, resiliency is being discussed a lot right now as more companies put extra effort into shoring up their supply chains and ensuring that those networks remain viable. Achieving this goal will be particularly important in the post-COVID world, when companies try...

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Robots and Drones

This article originally appeared in Breakbulk – you can read the original article here. The kinds of innovations being implemented by third party logistics providers (3PLS) are not limited to new digital technologies. What might be called physical technologies—things like robots and drones that take the place of and/or work...

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3 Tech Trends Reshaping the Logistics Industry

Three Key Trends in IoT, Robotics, and Wearables In the race to exceed customer expectations and capitalize on competitive differentiators, warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) are serving as strategic assets instead of just “places to store stuff.” By optimizing workflows and order picking/packing accuracy; improving inventory management; and better utilizing human...

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5 Ways to Digitize Your Supply Chain

Digitization can make your company’s global supply chain more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-focused while making sure it doesn’t fall behind the curve. Here’s how to do it. If you think tech-centric terms like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data aren’t impacting your supply chain and...

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The New World Economy of E-Commerce

This article was written by Peter Buxbaum and originally appeared in Freight Business Journal North America. To read the full article, please link here. The highly competitive e-commerce business has come a long way in the last fifteen years to take its place as an important segment of the world...

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