VoloDrone: The Drone You Should Know

Just a decade ago, toy drones took the world by storm. Today, we are sure that their larger siblings – heavy lift cargo drones like Volocopter’s VoloDrone – will do the same with the logistics industry. From agriculture to business logistics, drones are reshaping the way we think about transporting...

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7 Supply Chain Resolutions for 2021

The global pandemic exposed a lot of gaps in the world’s supply chains, with everything from life’s basic essentials to personal protective equipment (PPE) to electronic components becoming scarce at different stages of the outbreak. As the pandemic ensues, companies that were caught off guard are working to shore up...

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Sustainable Aroma

  Black gold: global consumption of coffee has been rising for years – as has the potential impact on the environment, making sustainability in cultivation and transport all the more important. Photo: iStock/Floriana; photo homepage: iStock/ranplett Whether your day begins in Berlin or Beirut, in Sydney or in Santiago de...

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