Top Air Freight Trends to Watch in 2021

Coming off the worst year for air cargo demand since the International Air Transport Association (IATA) began tracking such trends in 1990, the commercial air freight industry is slowing beginning to emerge from the debacle that was 2020 and find its way in the “new normal” operating environment. Hit hard...

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5 Ocean Shipping Trends to Watch in 2021

Container shortages, capacity constraints, higher shipping costs, and ongoing impacts of the global pandemic all placed new challenges in front of ocean shippers last year. Those roadblocks have yet to be removed in 2021, although some early signs of relief are beginning to surface. The problem is that the shortage—among...

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VoloDrone: The Drone You Should Know

Just a decade ago, toy drones took the world by storm. Today, we are sure that their larger siblings – heavy lift cargo drones like Volocopter’s VoloDrone – will do the same with the logistics industry. From agriculture to business logistics, drones are reshaping the way we think about transporting...

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