From Cyber Monday to Singles’ Day

This story was originally published on logistics Newsfeed. E-commerce is developing at a pace not seen in any other market. Where is this journey taking us, and what does it mean for logistics? Answers from Vanessa Holl, DB Schenker’s Vice President Global e-commerce Vertical Market. Vanessa Holl, who has dual...

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Closing Last Mile Transportation Gaps

Used to describe the movement of goods from a transportation hub (i.e., a warehouse or DC) to the final destination (usually a customer’s home or business), the “last mile” plays an important part of any company’s transportation strategy in today’s competitive business environment. “The final mile of delivery presents a...

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DB Schenker Implementing Next Generation E-Commerce

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udr0OOxmPbc Robots and Automated Packaging revolutionize the way a leading 3PL manages online orders. DB Schenker has successfully implemented in its Arlandastad Logistics Center, near Stockholm, Sweden, the CarryPick automated online order fulfillment and returns handling solution. Operated for Lekmer.com, Scandinavia’s largest online toy retailers, the new system will strengthen...

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DB Schenker Rocks Tokyo!

Louder, cooler, Fender! DB Schenker brings the legendary guitars to the mega-city – and to Japan’s rock shops. Eric Clapton played “Layla” on one. Pink Floyd’s legendary albums would be ­unthinkable without its sound. John Lennon had one with gold hardware. Jimi Hendrix made Rock’n’Roll history with one at Woodstock....

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