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5 Things to Know About Expanding into Latin America

A region made up of over 30 countries, each of which has its own unique culture, customs, dialects, federal regulations, currency, tariffs, and customer preferences, Latin America or “LATAM” presents new opportunities for shippers to expand their cross-border operations and serve a broader audience of global buyers. An enticing proposition...

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Managing the Complex World of Wine Logistics

Moving wine from the port of origin to final destination has always required great care and attention, and a logistics provider that knows how to effectively manage the process. With the global pandemic interrupting supply chains, port congestion issues growing, and a persistent ocean container shortage underway, the delicate orchestration...

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Top Air Freight Trends to Watch in 2021

Coming off the worst year for air cargo demand since the International Air Transport Association (IATA) began tracking such trends in 1990, the commercial air freight industry is slowing beginning to emerge from the debacle that was 2020 and find its way in the “new normal” operating environment. Hit hard...

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