3 Key Trends to Watch in Mexico Trucking

In Mexico, as in many other countries, road transport is the most widely-used freight infrastructure, given the flexibility it provides in terms of being able to accommodate large shipments, enable door-to-door deliveries and provide a dependable capacity for shippers. Extending 408,000 kilometers (about 254,000 miles), the country’s road network includes...

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Brazil: Country Updates with Luis Marques

October Update Brazil's Petrobras sees fuel demand that could affect future logistics prices Brazilian state-run oil company Petrobras said October 18th, it has received "atypical demand" for fuel supplies in November that surpasses its production capacity. The company has been operating its refineries with a capacity factor of 90% in...

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5 Paths to Better Supply Chain Visibility

By putting data into the hands of the companies, business partners, and customers that want it, supply chain visibility helps all stakeholders track products from the point of manufacture to the final destination—and all points in between. This “Holy Grail” of global supply chain management has been talked about for...

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Innovation Pushing Logistics to New Levels in Mexico

Global supply chain expansion presents exciting opportunities for companies that want to take advantage of the world marketplace. There are new markets to explore, new business partners to work with, and new customer bases to tap. But when companies go global, their freight covers longer distances and more entities are...

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