The World’s Most Important Freight Port

Is it Rotterdam, or even Hamburg? No – the largest freight port in the world isn’t located anywhere in Europe. Several decades ago, the continent’s ports were outclassed by harbors in Asia. Singapore was long the ocean freight hub with the largest transshipment volumes, until it was overtaken by the...

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Location, Location, Location

How Port Selection is Becoming Increasingly Critical to Supply Chain Strategy Building an efficient supply chain involves a bewildering number of factors. And now with today’s “mega ships” creating their own economies of scale — one that encourages larger shipments to fewer ports — the port(s) you choose to ship...

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Ocean Cargo Trends to Watch

The trends impacting ocean cargo in 2018 and how shippers can navigate these ever-changing challenges in the ocean freight marketplace. Severe truck driver shortages, the formation of ocean carrier “alliances,” the increased use of virtual forwarding, and trade agreement uncertainty are all impacting ocean cargo shippers right now. From Mexico’s...

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Top 15 Ports in The Americas

When Christopher Columbus set out for Japan in 1492 seeking a faster spice trade route between Europe and Asia, he had no way of knowing that the second largest combined land mass on earth — the New World — would make reaching his destination impossible. More than five centuries later,...

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Up, Up and Away

Andrew Parker from New Zealand heads for the sky in his hot-air balloon for the benefit of children – the DB SCHENKERsmartbox keeps track of his routes. Its job is to track consignments in real time. In addition, the DB SCHENKERsmartbox has proved its mettle in a very special project, one that...

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