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What to expect for Incoterms 2020

As we approach the end of the decade, preparations to introduce a revised set of Incoterms are starting to intensify. Come January 1st, 2020, industries dealing with the international transportation such as the ocean freight industry will bid farewell to the current version of Incoterms, and ring in the new....

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Home for the Holidays

The Crucial Role AOG Logistics Services Play in Keeping Airplanes Flying Last holiday season, a record 42 million passengers passed through U.S. airports. If you were one of them, you know how chaotic holiday travel can be. It’s hard to comprehend the logistics involved in moving that many people, not...

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Logistics Between the US and Germany

DB Schenker enables and supports the ongoing expansion of U.S.-German trade by providing a full spectrum of logistics support between the two countries.   As the world's fourth largest exporter, Germany accounts for more than one-fifth of the European Union’s GDP. The U.S.’ largest European trading partner (and the sixth...

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Unusual Times for Breakbulk

Airbus, the European aerospace giant, had a problem: moving airplane components to its new $600 million manufacturing plant in Alabama. DB Schenker, a global 3PL., dug in, literally, building a new aircraft hangar and refurbishing a World War II-era pier in Mobile. The solution: using inland waterways rather than overland...

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Helping You Go the Extra Mile for YOUR Customers

With its outstanding logistics platform, DB Schenker serves up an offering that allows companies to provide outstanding service to their own customers. The backbone of any successful business, good customer service translates into unique market advantages, access to new opportunities, and sustainability in even the most competitive business environments. During...

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