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3 Tech Trends Reshaping the Logistics Industry

Three Key Trends in IoT, Robotics, and Wearables In the race to exceed customer expectations and capitalize on competitive differentiators, warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) are serving as strategic assets instead of just “places to store stuff.” By optimizing workflows and order picking/packing accuracy; improving inventory management; and better utilizing human...

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All Fresh!

DB Schenker Takes Contract Logistics to Delicious New Heights in Germany Eight foil-wrapped packages to each little wooden box: that is how the first batches of Philadelphia from Bad Fallingbostel arrived on the market in 1961. In 2018, the cream cheese brand is proving more popular than ever. The plant in the...

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SWI Is Coming to Canada, Are You Ready?

With Canada's new Single Window Initiative, clearing customs might get easier. But first, be prepared to provide import data a lot sooner … and a lot more of it! Single Window Initiative, or SWI, is a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) program designed to standardize, modernize and streamline importing goods...

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5 Ways to Digitize Your Supply Chain

Digitization can make your company’s global supply chain more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-focused while making sure it doesn’t fall behind the curve. Here’s how to do it. If you think tech-centric terms like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data aren’t impacting your supply chain and...

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Location, Location, Location

How Port Selection is Becoming Increasingly Critical to Supply Chain Strategy Building an efficient supply chain involves a bewildering number of factors. And now with today’s “mega ships” creating their own economies of scale — one that encourages larger shipments to fewer ports — the port(s) you choose to ship...

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Ocean Cargo Trends to Watch

The trends impacting ocean cargo in 2018 and how shippers can navigate these ever-changing challenges in the ocean freight marketplace. Severe truck driver shortages, the formation of ocean carrier “alliances,” the increased use of virtual forwarding, and trade agreement uncertainty are all impacting ocean cargo shippers right now. From Mexico’s...

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