Top 15 Ports in the Americas 2019

There were winners and losers as the busiest cargo ports across North America and South America competed in 2018 to accommodate big ships — and even bigger trade policy changes There was a time when the Americas (or North America and South America combined) was a major geographic inconvenience for...

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Insider Tips for Transporting Steel

Here are five key points to keep in mind when moving steel throughout the Americas region. Producing and distributing steel requires a very complex and extensive transportation process. Using a combination of ocean, rail, and truck, companies can effectively deliver their finished products to customers without any unexpected bottlenecks, challenges,...

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The Brazil-Argentina Trade Connection

By land and sea, shippers trading back and forth between Brazil and Argentina are taking advantage of opportunities while also navigating the complexities of global trade in these countries.  With a coastline of about 8,500 navigable kilometers, Brazil’s ports handle about 700 million tons of good annually and are responsible...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

Here are five air and trucking strategies that all shippers should be using right now to offset the capacity crunch and driver shortage. We’re in an era where changing customer demands, frequent market fluctuations, and new governmental regulations are all taking their toll on the world’s transportation networks. Shippers that...

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