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Asia Pacific Dairy Products Transportation Market 2015-2019; DB Schenker in the Top 3


Dairy products transportation is the movement of dairy products from manufacturing plants to different packaging companies or retailers. Producers of dairy products maintain strong partnerships with 3PL providers to avail the benefits of efficient and cost-effective metrics when required. The companies transporting dairy products comply with strict government regulations in terms of freshness. Vigilance at every phase of the distribution process contributes to their safety. In some cases, companies choose to outsource their transportation process due to convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Logistics trend: intermodal transportation. Intermodal transport offers flexibility to dairy transportation companies in moving their products using two or more modes of transportation. This helps producers deliver fresh products to their customers.

According to the report, demand for raw milk and other dairy products increased sharply because of the growing population, increased purchasing power, and growing fitness awareness among people. Innovations in technology and amendments to the production process and the resulting efficiency gains have enabled dairy producers worldwide to cater to increased demands of customers.

Main challenge in this market: rising fuel cost. Most of the dairy products are transported by trucks.

Source: ( "Dairy Products Transportation Market in the APAC Region 2015-2019"
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