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DB Schenker gives a dual benefit to the community and the environment.

Supporting sustainability and minimizing our impact on the earth are ideas the Freeport, New York colleagues work towards each day. ANYTHING GREEN that you do HELPS BENEFIT OUR ENVIRONMENT, says Deniz Tanacan, Environmental Analyst/Specialist. So when the Freeport office needed to dispose of 70 office chairs, the office researched options to either donate or recycle the chairs to divert the chairs from ending up in a landfill.

Since the Freeport office has an established relationship with the Salvation Army due to our continued donations, we contacted the organization to inquire if they would accept a donation of 70 office chairs. Major Jose Guzman at the Salvation Army said that the organization would come over to our location to inspect the chairs and then decide if the chairs could be of use. Major Guzman visited the Schenker facility and gladly accepted our offer. Major Guzman then arranged for his warehouse location to pick up the chairs. “We are so grateful for Schenker’s constant support, says Major Guzman of the Salvation Army, Freeport, NY. The Salvation Army will ensure that his donation will help the most deserving in our communities.

Most furniture is resource-intensive to produce, and if dumped, takes up large amounts of landfillspace. 70 chairs later, the Freeport office assisted with the environment and renewed the life cycle of office furniture. Natures’ raw materials of wood, steel, and energy are saved, landfill usage is spared and open space is preserved.

Gift to the Salvation Army - helping the community and The Salvation Army

Gift to the Salvation Army – helping the community and The Salvation Army

Loading office chairs for The Salvation Army.

Loading office chairs for The Salvation Army.


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