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DB Schenker America’s Earth Day Contest 2015 a Huge Success – both for our team members and our environment!


On April 1st, DB Schenker Americas’ committed Environmental Team, Brenda Kelly & Deniz Tanacan, launched an Earth Day Contest open to all the employees of the Americas. The focus was transportation: bike it; walk it; carpool it; or public transport it. Team members were invited to take alternative transportation that was environmentally friendly. The results of their “month of change” are in!

Their dedicated teams accrued:
847.6 miles from Carpooling
398.75 miles from Biking
223.7 miles from Walking
1231.82 miles from taking Public Transportation
Total Green Commuting: 2701.87 miles!!!
1.57 metric TONS of CO2 were saved.

This is the equivalent of saving:
65.4 propane cylinders used for home barbeques
1,686 pounds of burned coal
3.7 barrels of oil

All of which amounts to the carbon sequestered by:
1.3 acres of U.S. forests in one year
Thank you to everyone that committed to the Earth Day Contest.

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