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DB Schenker Poised for Growth in Expanded Global Supply Chain Arena

Jochen Thewes

Jochen Thewes, Chairman of the Board of Management Schenker AG, is a keynote speaker at JOC’s TPM 2018. By 2020 he wants the DB Schenker business to attain top positions in target markets, and become the industry’s top employer and “eco-pioneer.”

To hear him speak or set up a meeting with DB Schenker at JOC’s TPM 2018 see the details here. In his recent interview, he expanded upon future plans at DB Schenker.

This article was originally written by Patrick Burnson and appeared in Supply Chain Management Review 

Supply Chain Management Review: DB Schenker sees growth in the Americas. What is it’s economic forecast for the region?

DB Schenker: Our business forecasts for the Americas is very positive. In 2016 we increased our EBIT in Americas by more than 40 percent and in 2017 we are seeing further growth. We are investing in a number of areas, with the opening of our new regional headquarters in Miami-Dade earlier this year, the opening of a number of new support offices across the Americas, continuous investment into contract logistics with special focus on Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and new Free Trade Zones and cross boarder facilities.

SCMR: Can this growth be sustained?

DB Schenker: This growth is not expected to slow down, with a number of the DB Schenker countries across the Americas as the fastest growing countries across our global footprint.

SCMR: How will you manage this trend?

DB Schenker: All this growth is customer demand generated. We’ve build a lean business model allowing us to expanding as customers demand our logistic services. While we actively monitor global and local economic indicators, our business model is driven by customer demand.

To read the complete interview by Patrick Burnson in Supply Chain Management Review please link here.


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