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Setting pace in carbon emissions reduction

Victorian Minister for Public Transport and Roads, Terry Mulder recently opened a new specially adapted eco-friendly DB Schenker distribution center in Altona, Australia.

The 18,000 square meter six million euros logistics center located close to major roads and port facilities makes it tfth largest site in the Australian DB Schenker network. The facility operates eight recessed docks and a 2,000 square meters awning, allowing transport and logistics operations to co-exist on the one site safely and efficiently. It features low emission T5 lighting – an innovation that operators say will save emissions equivalent to the output of 13 residential homes, annually. Ron Koehler, CEO Schenker Australia Pty Ltd said: “The Tuorescent lighting installed at Altona is one of the smartest options around as an alternative to LEDs, offering comparable energy savings and low cost replacement parts. Our new facility will also harvest rain-water to deliver significant savings similar to one of our other centers at Tullamarine. We’ve made a serious commitment worldwide to being a more sustainable company and this is just one more step we’re taking.”  T Schenker Australia Pty Ltd is currently celebrating 50 years of Australian operations and employs 1,200 people. Customers include the international automotive industry and its suppliers, aerospace, entertainment electronics, the retail and consumer goods industry as well as healthcare, industrial and chemical industries. The Tuorescent lighting installed at the new Altona logistics center in Australia is a smart option as an alternative to LEDs, offering comparable energy savings and low cost replacement parts.


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