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Take 3 – Three DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions That Will Help with International Shipping

Your international shipping is vital to your business. Your reputation is on the line with every shipment, so ensuring there are no roadblocks along the way is paramount. Unfortunately, these delays can occur in a variety of forms. From random Customs inspection to incorrect paperwork and untrained personnel, hiccups in your supply chain are unknown and can be unavoidable.

There are solutions to these problems, which help you avoid unnecessary delay and headaches in the fast-paced and confusing world of international shipping. Having experts to help and ensure your goods are transported on time, within regulations, is a must for your reputation. That is where DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions comes in, to take the complexity and risk out of international shipping.

With a network of over 2,000 locations across 130 countries, DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions has the tools and experience needed to ensure all your international shipping demands are met with help from one of the top global logistics companies. Here are the top three solutions on the DB Schenker Trade Solutions website:

1 – Risk & Insurance Solutions

Risks occur every day within international shipping. Having the tools needed to overcome these risks is an invaluable asset to any supply chain. At DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions, our Risks & Insurance Solutions provides a single source to ensure total coverage:

Services offered:

  • Within each of these services, Trade Advisory Solutions goes beyond traditional risk assessment by partnering with our clients and resources to provide one comprehensive place for all your Risk Solution needs. DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions doesn’t just move your goods; we protect them.

2 – Import/ Export Compliance

International importing and exporting can be tedious and stressful. With constant audits, classifications and other laws enforced by Customs agencies, one hiccup can cause a major headache for your entire supply chain. DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions helps your supply chain build compliance in today’s complex regulatory environment to ensure a smooth process.

Services offered:

3 – Training & Education

Training and education is vital for all international shipping, especially in the ever-changing environment today. Having a knowledgeable team on your side offers not only increased education but also increased ability to succeed in international trade. From access to online service, to free webinars and expert advice, DB Schenker training solutions provides you with a knowledgeable team to give you the edge you need to succeed.

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