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This article was written by Peter Buxbaum and first appeared in Global Trade Magazine.
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Steve Gundlach, 3PL Thought Leader

Understanding the latest trends in third-party logistics—how service providers can save exporters money, streamline their operations, and provide them with competitive advantages with the latest in value-added services, technology and analytics—can be a daunting task, but it is a critical one.

Steven M. Gundlach
Executive Vice President, Contract Logistics/SCM – Region Americas
DB Schenker

How is technology changing the scope of services 3PLs can offer their clients?

New technology is changing the scope of service, for example, by placing more information at the picking level and system-required update activities for real-time visibility being placed in the hands of operators. The technology 3PLs use in their solutions increases operational predictability and sustainability, with more accuracy, precision and reduction in quality errors.

What regions or countries are under-served in trade yet offer potentially big growth for exporters?

Vietnam will offer potential big growth for exporters in the coming years. Vietnam’s booming business extending from manufacturing to the exporting of mobile phones and furniture shows no signs of slowing. The country has a good diversification of products to export and continues to increase its exports into the U.S. market.

South Africa exports mineral fuels including oil, ores, slag and ash and iron, manganese and chromium, gems and precious metals, which is led by gold and imitation jewelry. The country appears to be on the rise, with 32 percent of South Africa shipping sent to Asian importers.

When should shippers be more concerned about value-added service and less driven by rates?

Shippers should be more concerned about value-added services when their overall shipping rates are higher than their competitors. Customer service is about delighting the customers, and if your product is competitively priced, shipping costs and value-added service offerings can make the difference in the customer decision. The concern as a shipper should be on the impact on sales by offering and paying for value-added services.

What are three questions a shipper should ask a potential 3PL vendor?
What is your on-time delivery performance record?
How can we work together to reduce operating costs and improve earnings?
What is your contingency planning and process for late shipments?

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