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The Core Aspects of DB Schenker’s Corporate Culture

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DB Schenker Values

Through its strong culture, DB Schenker helps its employees understand and embrace the gravity of their individual jobs—whether someone is a financial analyst, a warehouse employee or an IT professional. To help get these points across, the company has developed six distinct values that impact everyone across the entire spectrum. They are:

  1. Take Customers Further – always put the customer first in everything we do.
  2. Push Limits – don’t be afraid to grab new opportunities or make decisions that will push the company, its customers, and its business partner to new heights.
  3. Win Together – always work as a team and keep the best interest of that team in mind when making decisions.
  4. Play Fair and Be Honest – this one should always be a given in business.
  5. Walk the Talk – fulfill all promises to the best of your ability; don’t just say it, do it.
  6. Be One Team with One Goal – keep the company’s overall mission in mind and great things will happen.

“By adhering to these values, we’re developing a single team that’s focused on advancing business and shaping lives,” says Marta E. Ramirez, Sr. VP, Human Resources, Americas for Schenker, Inc., “by impacting the way our work connects, collaborates, and operates.”

Putting Values into Action 

According to Ramirez, the company puts each of the six core values into action by aligning them with a destination and “lighthouse” behaviors—or, a clear definition of how employees can effectively blend those values into their day-to-day work.

“This makes it easier for employees to understand that, yes, the organization has identified these six values,” Ramirez explains, “but what do I need to do or what behaviors must I adopt in order to really actively live these values?”

Listed by order of importance, DB Schenker’s six core shared values help differentiate the organization in a competitive industry that’s in the midst of major disruption. “Take customers further,” for example, is listed first because without that commitment, the company wouldn’t be able to survive and thrive in the global logistics environment.

“We know that our customers have choices, and that they can always go someplace else if they want to,” Ramirez. “It’s our responsibility to think and act on our customers’ behalf –and also on behalf of our company—in everything we do, we are proud to deliver excellence. Everytime, Everywhere. When that happens, we know that we can win together.”

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