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The pulse of railways runs deep in Doncaster – a town that helped build Britain’s railway systems.

Doncaster’s past was built on railways, and now it’s part of the future of high speed rail in England, following the announcement it would become home to the planned HS2 Rail college, shared with Birmingham.

Since the Doncaster Locomotive and Carriage Building Works, commonly known as ‘The Plant’ were established in 1853, Doncaster has been known nationally for its rail links and manufacturing, including the production of famous locomotives such as and the Flying Scotsman the Mallard, which still holds the record for being the world’s fastest steam locomotive. Today, the town is home to household names in the rail industry such DB Schenker. The community has 10,000 people currently employed in the sector, and in excess of £1.7 billion worth of contracts is booked in with firms over the next five years.

This combined with the successful bid for the new high speed rail college, which will train thousands of new rail engineers, will help inspire new golden era for the rail industry in Doncaster. News of the HS2 college being built in the town has brought applause from Prime Minister David Cameron to Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones. The rail college will be built on a 5.1 acre site within walking distance of the rail industry giants like DB Schenker.

Phil Harris, chief executive officer of Doncaster Chamber, said: “Doncaster offers great connectivity, links to world class rail engineering businesses and great inroads to outstanding educational establishments. Moreover, positioning the college in Doncaster provides the greatest opportunity for re-balancing the economy and supporting growth in the north which is just what HS2 is meant to be all about.”

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