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Up, Up and Away

Andrew Parker from New Zealand heads for the sky in his hot-air balloon for the benefit of children – the DB SCHENKERsmartbox keeps track of his routes.

Its job is to track consignments in real time. In addition, the DB SCHENKERsmartbox has proved its mettle in a very special project, one that is about to be completed: New Zealander Andrew Parker has been travelling around the world since the end of 2013, and under the motto “Flying High For Kids” he regularly ascends into the skies in his hot-air balloon to draw attention to children’s rights, and also to encourage kids to make their dreams become a reality. Within the scope of this project, Parker collaborates with the children’s aid organization UNICEF, among others – including DB Schenker.

The logistics company made a DB SCHENKERsmartbox available to him. “It has been an extremely useful tool for tracking my progress and it was always nice to have as a safety measure as I usually travel alone,” said the New Zealander. In Namibia, the small box with its built-in GPS functionality even saved Andrew Parker from losing much of his gear: thieves had stolen his truck, along with the DB SCHENKERsmartbox which was also in the truck – and it was thanks to that very box that the thieves could be located and apprehended in record time.



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