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When DIY Just Doesn’t Make Sense

In an effort to keep more control and possibly save some money, many companies insist on handling their own transportation and logistics requirements. They have a do it yourself (DIY) mentality. If they don’t have their own transportation infrastructure, they find a ground carrier to move their products, another to handle cross-border paperwork, yet another for warehousing, and still another to facilitate returns. It’s a frustrating and time-consuming process and what happens when something goes wrong? They dial up a customer service call centre and speak with someone who knows nothing about their business or their products.

Sound familiar?

If this is your experience, you’re probably thinking: “There has to be a better way.”

What if there was a great service that will save your company time and money? It would offer you easy-to-use tools like: customized web-portals, easily accessible web based track and trace, end-to-end shipment status visibility including Customs Clearance, and estimated time of arrival and final delivery information – all from one company. It would improve your speed to market with consistent, reliable, on-time delivery — performance worth boasting about.

Another key benefit would be that instead of dealing with several different contacts at several different companies, you have one dedicated individual. Once you sign up for the program, your company would be assigned a direct line of contact to one individual for day-to-day operations.

Whenever you needed to reach out to one of these distribution customer service specialists, you would be greeted by the same team member every time; someone who is experienced in your industry and knows your distribution needs instantly. Call it a more personal, “no call-center” approach.

What if that company’s dedicated service is not something new and untried, but has been up and running, serving satisfied, brand name customers, for over 18 years? Would you be interested?

Well there’s no reason to wait any longer. The Canada Made Easy (CME) service from DB Schenker gives you an opportunity to reach the Canadian marketplace without bricks and mortar; without dollars tied up in infrastructure, equipment, resources and inventory; and without the usual redundant, slow and challenging internal processes. When CME takes care of a shipment, you’ll know your freight is in excellent hands; that it will make it to Canada securely, damage-free and on-time, every time. With Canada Made Easy, there’s no good reason to go it alone.

Scott Cairncross is Vice President and National Product Manager, Ground Freight, DB Schenker.

Scott Cairncross is Vice President and National Product Manager, Ground Freight, DB Schenker.

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