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Where in the world is the Berlin Wall?

Many places actually. Parts of the wall can be seen at Universities and Museums all over the world. It literally signifies the end of a divided Germany. But the crumbling of this physical and psychological barrier signifies the end of violence and oppression to the voices of peace and freedom.

Sunday, November 9 marked the beginning of the end of a divided Germany. Less than a year later, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, better known as West and East Germany, respectively, would sign the Unification Treaty that joined the two together again. Beyond museums and libraries, pieces of the wall can be found outside many businesses and language schools, and often a “German presence abroad is adorned with a piece,” says Stephen Della Lana, (instructor at the College of Charleston’s Department of German and Slavic Studies). They are “used as sort of a message that ‘we are also freedom-loving people.’”

Most recently, DB Schenker moved part of the wall from Berlin to Washington, DC for the 25th Anniversary Celebration in the United States.

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