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Egypt starts the transformation process for becoming the logistics center for grain handling and storage in the region.

Egypt is positioning itself as being a central player in food logistics for their region. According to their Prime Minister, Ibrahim Mehleb Damietta was identified as the first site where the logistics operations will begin.

In a cabinet statement, Mehleb pointed out that the total area for the proposed project is 3.35m sq m, of which 0.56m fall within the boundaries of the Damietta Port. The remaining 2.79m sq m comprise a portion of the untapped industrial area northeast of the port and is owned by the New Urban Communities Authority. The area will fall under the jurisdiction of the customs area at Damietta Port in order for logistic, manufacturing, and storage activities to be practiced within the Customs Office.

The Ministry of Supply said that the project includes the addition of two sea piers 650-700 metres in length and 17 metres deep to receive large ships carrying up to 150,000 tonnes of grain. A river pier 1,200 metres long and 5-6 metres deep will also be added with all relevant equipment. The project provides for the construction of modern silos and domes for storage in three storage areas with a capacity of 7.5m tonnes. This project will serve to quadruple the capacity of Egypt’s ports from 2.5m tonnes to 10m tonnes.

The ministry also confirmed that the project is built using advanced technology systems to connect all its marine, storage, and industrial parts with belts to transfer grains and modern equipment that will not require frequent transfer, lower costs, and carry out internal trading at a rate of at least 16,000 tonnes/hour. In contrast to earlier processes, this is much more efficient. The project also includes a complete electronic system for surveying, monitoring, and managing marine operations, freight, allocation, inspection, and customs clearance.

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