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Good Environmental News Coming Out of the Port of Gothenburg: Environmental premiums act as incentives to reduce emissions

The Port of Gothenburg will rework its port charge with effect from January 1, 2015. The aim is to contribute to a better environment by rewarding vessels that demonstrate a high level of environmental performance and which use LNG as a marine fuel.

The reward system is based on two environmental indexes: Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and Clean Shipping Index (CSI).

“We have chosen ESI has it is the largest international index. Our customers have requested that we use the same system that is used internationally,” Edvard Molitor said.

The reason for the introduction of a new port charge from 2015 is because that is when the new EU sulfur regulations come into force. To encourage the shipping companies to use LNG as a marine fuel, an extra discount will be introduced, 30 per cent of the port charge, for ships that readjust. The discount will apply up to and including December 2018.

Edvard Molitor continued: “It is our hope that this will contribute to a more rapid transition to LNG. Everyone is agreed that the transition will take place sooner or later but we wanted to take the first step and speed up the process.”

More ports throughout Europe are showing an interest in LNG. “A large number are looking at similar solutions and our decision to offer an LNG discount has attracted a great deal of attention. We are very pleased to be leading the way.”

When the new port charge comes into effect on January 1, 2015, existing sulfur charges will cease along with the Port of Gothenburg environmental campaign for cleaner fuel, which has been running since 2009.

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