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New Number One – The OOCL Hong Kong

When it comes to the world’s largest container ports, Hong Kong “merely” gets a mention as being in the top tier. Yet, the name “Hong Kong” currently holds the number one ranking as the world’s biggest container ship when measured by carrying capacity! At precisely 21,413 TEU, the “OOCL Hong Kong,” which was christened at a ceremony in May, is the first titan of the seas to cross the 21,000 TEU mark for standard containers of just under 400 meters, however, does not set any new records. Several vessels, most recently the “MOL Triumph,” have surpassed this figure. The “OOCL Hong Kong” is not the first number one for the Orient Overseas Container Line, which is rumored to be the target of a takeover bid by the Chinese conglomerate Cosco: the last time the shipping company set the world record for the largest container ship was back in 2003 with the “OOCL Shenzhen.” Given the capacity of today’s ships, its 8,063 TEU seem almost paltry by comparison.

Impressive vessel: the ”OOCL Hong Kong” is the first vessel to hold more than 21,000 standard containers

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