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Prosperous Predictions for 2015 – look towards e-commerce

The huge boom in e-commerce has led to strong increases in global trade. Companies providing support services to e-commerce, such as logistics providers, are seeing the demand for their services increase rapidly along with the companies that are selling consumer goods on-line.

The recovery in the United States is gaining momentum and jobs are being created at an accelerated pace. As the largest consumer group in the world, the recovery of the United States leads to strong demand growth in global trade as well.

Similarly, Abeomics – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s bold policies to jumpstart the Japanese economy – start to show signs that it’s indeed working. This leads to developing countries such as China and India being able to continue growth pace in order to feed the demand from USA and Japan. Add to this the lower gasoline costs and you have huge increases in capital available.

Innovations across the board to develop and expand.

Financial innovation such as bitcoins and Alipay’s Yu’e Bao fund made their way onto the global stage. Will these more innovative tools for banking become embedded in the widespread global economy? – That’s anyone’s guess. But where there is a need – that need will be filled by someone.

As the global economy improves, so does the property sector. Good logistics needs warehousing and distribution centers as well as transportation ports and modernization of existing ports. 2015 looks very bright for logistics as well as companies that expand e-commerce.

The future is now. Or at least, it will be here in October. In the 1989 sci-fi comedy “Back to the Future Part II,” characters Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer use the famous outfitted DeLorean time machine to travel from the year 1985 into the future. The date? Oct. 21, 2015. DB Schenker is very keen to hear from any company that needs to ship hover boards, automatic shoe-laces or flying cars.

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