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Transportation & logistics leaders to brainstorm ideas to clear congested ports

Virginia Maritime Association’s upcoming International Trade Symposium will focus on identifying causes and practical solutions to congestion.

Congested ports cost shippers both time and money, losses that add up quickly for a full-speed-ahead supply chain. To discuss practical solutions for clearing these blockages, top leaders in transportation and logistics will meet on May 14 in Norfolk, Va., at the 12th Annual International Trade Symposium sponsored by the Virginia Maritime Association.

The event kicks off with a series of speakers who will define the issues that must be tackled. The presentations will be followed by a sequence of three panels. In the first, speakers will identify the sources of port congestion. The second panel will focus on potential solutions to the issues discussed in the previous sessions. The third panel will outline what steps must be taken to implement those solutions.

Speakers will cover the waterfront, so to speak—with executives from shippers, carriers, and intermodal companies as well as container lessors, terminal operators, and port authorities on hand.

Source: DC Velocity

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