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When Every Minute Counts: Mexico’s Aerospace Market Demands Strong Logistics Expertise

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Working in an industry where air traffic doubles every 15 years, and where both passenger and cargo volumes grow year over year, aerospace companies need reliable, reputable logistics networks that help them get the right part to the right place and at the right time. As air transport continues to evolve, those supply chain complexities grow exponentially.

“Air transport is a growth market that’s posted 60% of growth over the last 10 years, and that has more than doubled since 9/11,” Airbus reports in its Global Market Forecast 2017-2036. In 2016 alone, 3.7 billion passengers were carried around the world by air. According to Airbus, over half of the world’s tourists who travel across international borders each year are transported by air.

“For the next 20 years, Airbus forecasts a 4.4% global annual air traffic growth, despite some downward revision of future economic growth by a number of forecasters in several regions of the world,” the company states in its forecast. “In our forecast the first decade will enjoy a 4.9% increase per year, with 4.1% average annual growth for the last decade.”

Wanted: Strong Logistics Providers

To run effectively and stay out in front of that continuous industry growth, aerospace manufacturers need capable logistics networks that work around the clock, and that provide fast and dependable delivery of aircraft parts and other goods.

Enrique Valera, Managing Director/Mexico, says DB Schenker takes this responsibility very seriously and it has built out a stable of logistics services and products that cater to the unique needs of the aerospace industry in Mexico. To service its aerospace customers, DB Schenker Mexico employs a dedicated group of 10 associates, including a vertical market manager and a key account manager.

“Aerospace manufacturing is a very strong, growing market here in Mexico,” says Valera. To support the industry, DB Schenker maintains a AOG (aircraft on the ground) desk that develops comprehensive logistical solutions to ensure that aircraft parts are delivered quickly and within budget.

“Our AOG desk serves as a 24/7/365 ‘emergency’ service for the aerospace market and is connected to a network of 40 AOG desks in the Schenker World,” Valera explains, “whereby if a customer needs spare parts delivered within hours to the right location, we make sure this happens, in order to avoid stand sill of the aircraft.

Expanding its Reach 

DB Schenker Mexico offers complete services in Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight, Customs Brokerage, Over-dimensioned Projects, Warehousing, and Contract Logistics. As a result of its steady growth, it’s among the largest freight forwarders and logistics providers in the country, certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. With a corporate office in Mexico City and locations in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Queretaro, Puebla, Cancun, Ciudad Juarez, and various other cities, the company has rolled out several initiatives that have fueled its most recent growth and expansion.

With aerospace customers in various cities throughout Mexico (i.e., Monterrey, Mexico City, and Queretaro), DB Schenker provides customized services for those customers, including aircraft chartering. “We also do daily round trips from Mexico City to Queretaro with air suspension trucks serving import and export customer in the Bajio area,” says Valera.

Tackling Supply Chain Challenges 

One of DB Schenker’s major aerospace customers is an international high-technology group and tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment in the Aerospace and Defense markets, that has been operating in Mexico for over 20 years. They have a local presence geared to working closely with customers across the Americas, diversifying production locations, and winning new markets.

“We’ve been working with this company and its subsidiaries for several years now, and have proven knowledge and experience to overcome many of the challenges a company in the aerospace industry is subjected to,” says Valera, who expects DB Schenker Mexico’s aerospace capabilities and associated business to expand this year and into the future. Focused on serving its current customers well, while also helping new clients tackle their most pressing supply chain and logistics problems, the company is well positioned to help a wide swath of customers achieve their goals.

“There’s still a lot for us to do, particularly in the northern region of Mexico, where aerospace suppliers like Zodiac, Textron, Cessna, etc. serve as sort of a ‘pipeline’ that we really haven’t tapped into yet,” says Valera. “Going forward, we see aerospace as a strong growth market for DB Schenker Mexico, which already has established a large footprint within this vertical.”

Note: This article has been changed for accuracy from the original posted July 18, 2017.




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