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2017 Arrow Electronics Logistics & Operations Management Conference

Arrow Electronics is a leader in electronic components and computing solutions for all industrial and commercial uses. This year, Arrow Electronics will be hosting the 2017 Logistics & Operations Management Conference – two days of reception dinners, industry presentations and vendor keynote speeches.

This event will provide attendees the opportunity to showcase new products and services, gain ideas on how to differentiate from the competition, and expand on relationships within Arrow Electronics. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and discuss global logistics solutions with key members from the Arrow Global Logistics team as well as make connections and build relationships with other global logistic leaders.

As a global logistics leader, DB Schenker is devoted to solving global logistics solutions through our various global logistics services. DB Schenker’s Electronics Solutions provides our customers peace of mind with manufacturing supply management, distribution of finished goods, and the support of aftermarket activities. At DB Schenker, your supply chain becomes your value chain.

April 12th-13th
Tempe Missions Palms Resort
Tempe, Arizona

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