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A partnership of experience and innovation: DB Schenker moves the products of tomorrow around the globe

Manufacturing for the global microelectronics industry touches every corner of the world with each step having it’s own logistic challenges.

What does it take to move capital equipment, highly sensitive machines that create the semiconductors and even finished goods such as Steppers? For example, steppers weigh-in somewhere between 40 and 60 tons and may need to be moved from Amsterdam to the Pacific Northwest in the United States.

DB Schenker is one of few logistic providers in the world that can be trusted for such a move. Our mission: To provide end-to-end logistics for everything from procurement and manufacturing to fulfillment and aftermarket, with innovative solutions for moving everything from tools and equipment to clean rooms and project sites around the world. Leaders in the semiconductor industry trust DB Schenker to do this.

As a world leader in electronic logistic solutions, what is key in creating that trust? Simple, it is DB Schenker’s people and decades of experience. Industry-specific global support teams understand the language and unique challenges of the electronic industry. They are trained and certified in protocols including contamination, safety, ergonomics, tool/materials cleanliness, and hazards/emergency procedures.

In the United States, one of the three teams of specially trained personnel is flown to the site of departure, overseeing every mile of the transport. Leveraging established relationships with global carriers and key service providers, DB Schenker is able to meet the most demanding supply chain requirements.

DB Schenker has an integrated suite of services that bridges the gap between production and final delivery. As a supply chain specialist, we don’t simply move goods. Instead, we use a broad spectrum of value-added services seamlessly integrated into even the most complex business models. This approach includes everything from inbound and manufacturing supply management, to distribution of finished goods, and the support of aftermarket activities. The supply chain becomes a value chain, optimizing your business and leveraging a whole range of cost saving opportunities.

DB Schenker can accommodate virtually any shipment, any time. Frequent education in new materials and processes is protocol. For high security shipments, special white glove handling and constant monitoring keep the shipment moving safely. In addition, our after-market solutions streamline collection, recycling, repair and disposal.

So when you think of the future of technology, think of the future in logistics as provided today by DB Scehnker.

Source: Schenker, Inc. John Tibshirany, Vice President SemiCon and Solar Vertical Group
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