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Challenges of Staying Compliant with Dangerous Goods

A real stress factor: shipping dangerous goods compliant to the regulations can be a challenge, even for professionals. Time and again, shipments that are incorrectly marked, labelled or packaged are rejected or temporarily suspended

The process of correctly declaring and packaging dangerous goods can sometimes be a real challenge, even for experienced shippers. After all, regulations, for example those governing airfreight, which are imposed by IATA, are comprehensive and constantly subject to amendments and additional requirements. That is why DB Schenker USA has now launched an online tool designed to provide support to customers around the world when creating compliant shipping paperwork.

This web-based application, entitled “Dangerous Goods Declaration and Packaging,” requires no installation and is accessible from any browser. The tool provides registered users with paperwork options that are currently compliant for shipping all dangerous goods and with templates on how to properly mark, label and package materials. The system always uses the most current IATA regulations and the United States 49 CFR regulations, when applicable. The user’s shipment information is stored securely behind a firewall.

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