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Conversion to ACE – Mandatory Use of ACE for FDA and Quota Entries

Effective June 15, 2016, ACE will be the only authorized system for filing electronic entry data for U.S. Food and Drug Administration for most entry types. For entry types other than quota and bonded warehouse entries, the legacy ACS will no longer be available for electronic entry transmission with FDA data. Mandatory FDA entry filing in ACE is a prerequisite to CBP’s ability to convert quota and bonded warehouse entries to the ACE system. CBP plans to convert those entry types to ACE on July 23, 2016.

FDA data requirements in ACE differ from what has been filed for many years in ACS. To facilitate data collection from its clients, Schenker developed templates for each of the eight FDA programs. If your shipments are subject to FDA import entry requirements and you are not yet preparing for this conversion, please immediately contact your Schenker brokerage office to discuss the new data that must be transmitted for cargo release.

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