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Pharmaceutical logistics market posied to grow at a CAGR of 9.71% during 2015

Many pharmaceutical logistics companies are now focusing on the expansion of their services and product portfolio to meet the global demand for home healthcare. Patients will be able to easily use portable devices to check their blood pressure, glucose levels and other vital signs at home.

“The growth of the home healthcare segment has been a key factor in initiating several business and supply chain changes and is expected to drive growth in the pharmaceutical logistics sector over the next ten years.”

The market is segmented based on the following: types of product and geography.

Vendors are changing their transportation mode from air to sea for the delivery of medicines and drugs because of certain advantages, including a 70-80 percent reduction in cost. Additionally, more vendors are relying on online services to deliver pharmaceutical products to patients.

“Vendors have enhanced the use of online services like e-health records, remote monitoring, e-prescribing and mobile health applications, so as to ensure an effortless and quick delivery of medicines directly to patients.”

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