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License Management System – Taking the Hassle Out of Organization

In logistics, nothing moves unless you have the right license for it. As your supply chain expands, so does the complexity of licenses needed to import and export goods. It can be challenging to track countless licenses and to ensure that none are expired and all are within compliance. Failure to comply with proper licenses can result in fines and a delay of goods which can harm your supply chain. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to store and track your licenses from authorization to expiration.

DB Schenker’s License Management System (LMS) helps users track and manage all licenses within their operations. This centralized system offers increased company-wide compliance and transparency at an affordable price for maximum savings. The License Management System (LMS) offers all users an efficient, streamlined and centralized solution for all company licenses needed to run proficiently. The LMS also offers recording capabilities easy recordkeeping for full scale audits.

The LMS works for any user involved in the export process and provides an interconnected system for all users within an organization to support company-wide compliance. This aids in the management of all applications, from start to finish, with automated export license activities and related processes to help avoid delays, fines and potentially loss of export privileges

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Curious about other key benefits of using DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions License Management System (LMS)? Here are a few:

Comprehensive License Management Tool – Our License Management System provides a complete and robust license repository, capable of handling multiple jurisdictions. The tool helps you maintain your licenses—-from the start of the application process from start to finish license authorization, giving ample time to proactively prepare for new licenses.

Automated Notifications – Create customized alerts tailored specifically to meet your needs. Alerts can be based on expiration, exhaustion, or any other important business criteria that drives your business. Our solution will keep track of your license information and alert you when you’re approaching the limits you set. By using this application, you can guard against tendering cargo without a valid license. You set the parameters, whether that means expiration, exhaustion, or any other conditions, for your alert systems to notify you on licenses requiring your attention.

Manage Hardware and Tech Data in one place – Keep track of hardware and tech data licenses, exceptions, and exemptions as one workflow solution via our intuitive program design.

License Application Data Entry Efficiency – Streamline your license data entry process, as it works in conjunction with D- Trade and SNAP-R license data to automatically populate data you’ve already completed in your license application.

Simplify Reporting – For those who need to know, our solution offers robust reporting capabilities to easily provide up-to-date status reports, search history, and other important information.

24/7 Access, online – Once approved we can have you up and running with a system user access any time – web accessible.

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