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Restricted Party Screening – Taking the Complexity and Risk Out of Your Logistics

Restricted Party Screening tools offer easy management for required due diligence screenings of all parties involved within your supply chain. DB Schenker offers these tools to help fulfill all screening requirements to the highest compliance standards. With a versatile and easy to use system, DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions Restricted Screening tools offer organizations seamless and easy-to-manage integration into their everyday operations.

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Curious about other key benefits of using DB Schenker Trade Advisory Solutions Restricted Screening Tools? Here are a few:

Instant Deployment – Once approved we can have you up and running with a system user access any time.

Robust Search Capability – Through several proprietary methodologies, DB Schenker restricted party search engine delivers quality screening results you can rely on.

Advanced Search Options – Our available search options (such as exact, fuzzy and phonetic) gives you, the flexibility to modify your search and get the results you need.

Audit Ready – accurate recordkeeping and audit-ready capabilities means you can demonstrate due diligence quickly and with confidence.

Easy to Understand Results – Your results arrive back quickly – prioritize by relevant details so you take appropriate action.

Perpetual Screening – Once a screening is entered, our program performs daily rescreening against any regulatory agency changes that might have taken place on any of the Government lists. Our system updates the changes to these lists each day. If a previous entry suddenly shows up on a list that did not previously show, an email is generated with all the details for your review.

ECCN Classification Determination – Allows for easy determination of license requirements and exceptions. Also allows access to the search engine which assists and facilitates quick and easy classification within the Commerce Control List. Ensures your data is accessible and easily defensible in case of an audit.

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