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Schenker of Canada Limited Launches State-of-the-Art Customs Operating System

Improved Technology Facilitates Better Trade Efficiencies and Compliance.

The Customs Brokerage industry has evolved significantly over the past half-century. What started out as simple duty collection at the border has grown to managing trade compliance for Canadian and Non Resident Importers to the tune of $1.07 trillion CAD last year alone. With Canada’s total annual merchandise trade value (exports plus imports) up 1.9% in 2015, the Customs Brokerage industry for the world’s 11th largest economy is busier than ever.

Schenker of Canada Limited is one of Canada’s leading Customs Brokers and Trade Services Companies. On November 25th, 2016, Schenker of Canada Limited launched an innovative, next-generation Customs operating system to better support its clients’ need for meticulous, compliant, error free clearances. This state-of-the-art system delivers the most accurate Customs solution available.

This project was developed using Agile Project Management methodology, allowing for a highly flexible, incremental, transparent method of managing the design and development process. The result is a system that fully utilizes the most advanced technological platform available. The system more efficiently enables pre-clearance for all modes of transportation, better preserves data integrity by minimizing human intervention (and error), and also allows for instantaneous transmission of commercial invoice data to facilitate the trade data and release process.

Schenker of Canada Limited has been working closely with its clients to ensure they are minimizing risks, enhancing their reputation with Customs officials, and improving their overall supply chain efficiency. The result is a system that assures clients will get a timely release of shipments at the border, maximize duty relief from NAFTA and trade preferences, and achieve full compliance.

Schenker of Canada Limited’s vision is to be the best Customs broker offering global supply chain solutions. Their customer centric commitment is to drive for absolute excellence in compliance, supply chain efficiency and customer experience.

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