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DB Schenker pushes logistics to a higher efficiency level controlling it from web issue to customer location

Schenker Augsburg Germany has gained a major new customer for its transport business with HS Specialists in Genderkingen. HS Specialists is the operator of the Internet company, and one of the leading dealers in garden and leisure furniture. In high season up to 10 trucks daily supply shuttle service between the plant in Genderkingen and offices in Augsburg. From Augsburg the cargo is delivered directly to private customers throughout the German and European markets.

DB Schenker manages claims to the entire logistics process from goods issue to delivery to the end customer. The order data is automatically copied from the web-based shop system; then provides the supplies -ready to go-in Genderkingen with shipping labels; then loaded and entered into regular service. DB Schenker coordinates via telephone notification delivery dates and provides the goods in strictly scheduled lots. Nowthatslogistics.

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