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DB SCHENKERcombine’s Dynamic Less-Than-Container Load Services

Consolidate multiple consignments in one container with DB SCHENKERcombine’s
market-leading, global less-than-container load network  

Have you ever found yourself in a position where your products don’t take up enough volume to fill an entire ocean-going container, yet that cargo must be delivered to the destination on time and in the simplest and most cost-effective manner possible? This is a fairly common occurrence in today’s global logistics environment, where smaller shipments must get to their destinations as quickly as possible, and without having to wait around for a container to fill up.

Driven by trends like omni-channel distribution, the growth of e-commerce, and our increasingly global business world, this situation calls for a specific solution known as “less-than-container load” or LCL. Using DB Shenker’s extensive capability network and range of container freight options, DB SCHENKERcombine provides a viable way to “share” space with other companies that are in a similar position and unable to fill entire containers. This helps spread freight costs across numerous shippers without having to sacrifice the routing, visibility, frequency, and timeliness typically associated with full container load (FCL) shipments.

Your Market Leader in Global LCL Shipments 

A term that refers to the overseas shipping of cargo, LCL allows shippers to pay only for the volume of space that their products take up within a specific container—instead of paying for the entire container.  For example, DB Schenker will “bundle” shipments from different customers into a single shipment, manage and deliver that shipment, and then handle the container return process.

As a shipper, LCL gives you economies of scale and peace of mind that your freight will arrive at its destination without the delays associated with having to “fill” an entire container. And, there’s also no worry over return trips for your LCL container; DB Schenker will manage this end of the process while you focus only on the load that you’re shipping—and nothing else.

Laura J. Gisleson, LCB, CCS, Director USA Ocean Operations for DB Schenker, says the company ships over 2 million cubic meters of LCL freight annually. A market leader in the LCL arena,
DB Schenker offers a wide range of departure options to more than 260 points around the globe every week. “We also have inbound consolidations coming in from all of the major origins in the world,” says Gisleson, “particularly from China and Germany, plus 300 sailings each week into North America.”

“LCL is the right option for companies that don’t want to purchase and/or carry the inventory costs associated with full container loads,” says Gisleson. “They can ship safely, given the knowledge that we’re a global leader.” DB Schenker currently has more than 70 different warehouse locations throughout North America to handle inbound shipment consolidations. And with approximately 30 export receiving stations in North America, the company is well equipped to manage a large volume of LCL shipments for a wide range of customers.

The DB SCHENKERcombine Advantage 

A global network designed to meet your LCL needs, DB SCHENKERcombine offers a simple pricing structure that takes even the most complex, consolidated shipment and breaks the related costs down in a very transparent and affordable manner. DB SCHENKERcombine provides end-to-end tracking and tracing capabilities right on its website, and throughout the entire shipment lifecycle.

And because DB Schenker manages shipments from door-to-door—never outsourcing any aspect of the transportation supply chain to any third parties—customers are assured top levels of service and attention throughout the entire process. “We don’t just see LCL as a ‘cool product’ that we take on and then outsource to someone else, like many of our competitors do. For us, LCL is a core focus,” Gisleson explains. “We actually take the time and trouble of consolidating in our warehouses, loading our own containers, de-vanning our own containers, and handling the entire process with our own containers—from point of origin right through to the destination.”

DB SCHENKERcombine provides extensive LCL services with expertise supported by a global LCL Hub and Gateway network enhanced by a seamless connection to the company’s land services. This enables DB Schenker to meet the highest standards for comprehensive door-to-door solutions in a reliable, flexible, and efficient manner.

In return, shippers get reduced costs through origin and destination CFS services; streamlined processes through local support via DB Schenker’s global LCL Hub and Gateway network; and improved product availability to the end customer through flexible sailing options on all trades with door-to-door solutions. Other key benefits of using DB SCHENKERcombine include improved internal administration based on standard pricing and billing globally; billing based on the actual size of your consignment; reduced inventory (through placing smaller orders more frequently); and frequent connections to or from both established and emerging markets.

“Our global experts ensure tailor-made solutions,” Gisleson says. “As an integrated logistics service provider, we are able to help you to manage your entire supply chain efficiently by using our sophisticated visibility solutions.” With more shippers exploring expanded and personalized freight and shipping options, Gisleson says LCL is a great way to manage a diverse supply chain.

“Whether you’re exporting to a client base that is located around the world, or purchasing from global manufacturing sites,” Gisleson says, “being able to ‘share’ container space and the associated costs is a great way to manage inventory, cut costs, and ensure timely delivery.”

To learn more about DB SCHENKERcombine’s less-than-container load services, please visit us online here, or email us.

Source: DB Schenker USA
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