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5 Reasons Why You Should be Using DB Schenker Cargo Insurance

If recent news headlines are any indication, the world’s shipping lines are facing some tough financial times this year. The impacts have yet to be measured, but with two of the world’s largest entities either already in bankruptcy or possibly heading toward it, it’s time to thoroughly review your shipping strategy and make sure your cargo gets to its final destination on time, safely, and securely.

DB Schenker’s large global buying power has allowed the American Institute Cargo and Labor clause to be standard in our All-Risk Cargo insurance policies. This will reimburse our insured customers for protecting their cargo from loss or damage. Therefore, additional freight costs, storage and demurrage costs may be recoverable under our DB Schenker policies.

One way to secure your assets is with cargo insurance, a type of coverage that provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to freight from any external cause during shipping—be it land, air or sea. Here are five key reasons why you should be using cargo insurance for your shipments:

  1. Protect your bottom line: DB Schenker Cargo Insurance can provide coverage that carriers do not. Our All-Risk cargo policy is the broadest form of shipping insurance available. When the carrier does not insure your cargo – or their liability is less than the value of your goods – using DB Schenker’s insurance services protects margins.
  2. The speed you need: With DB Schenker insurance solutions, claims are managed and paid more quickly than the industry average.
  3. Protecting your value: “General average” underwriting could cause your claim to be undervalued. Your DB Schenker insurance specialist can help you avoid this and other hidden risks.
  4. Global reach with local expertise: Our 140-year reputation of safe and secure transit of cargo means we partner with the world’s top-rated international insurance carriers. Our network of experts in every major port in the world can guide you to the correct insurance carrier, providing you with proper coverage and guidance you need.
  5. DB Schenker offers Annual Open Cargo Insurance.  This is an All-Risk Cargo policy which is the broadest form of shipping insurance. An open cargo policy automatically insures all your company’s shipments on set terms, conditions and rates without the need to contact your insurance brokers or transportation carriers each time your cargo is moved.

As a business owner or manager, you make money by selling products. As an importer or exporter, every time you ship cargo you’re making an investment in your company and supporting the customers that contribute to your own firm’s bottom line. By ignoring the need for cargo insurance, you can put both your company and all of its customers at risk of loss—a risk that can be mitigated fairly easily by adding cargo insurance to your coverage list.

Whether you’re using truckloads, air freight, or ocean freight—domestically, internationally, or a mix of the two—DB Schenker has you covered. As one of the world’s top logistics providers, our volume allows us to arrange coverage that is not otherwise offered by other providers. In the event of a claim for loss or damage, DB Schenker works as a liaison between your company and the insurance company. You’ll save time and money, and our experts can assist in recovering your full claim.

At DB Schenker we don’t just move your goods; we protect them. With our years of experience and dedication in assisting our customers, DB Schenker will provide you with excellent support and guidance. Experienced in cargo insurance for trading companies, exporters and importers, our risk management professionals will work to ensure all your coverage needs are met. As a leading global logistics company, we offer a single-source complete risk management solution.

And please speak to us about purchasing an All Risk Annual Policy – the same superior coverage we offer per shipment – at a further discounted price for worry free shipping all year.

For more details about the different insurance solutions we offer, please visit our website.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your DB Schenker Insurance representative by telephone at 1 800 SCH-TRADE (724-8723) or via email at One of our insurance professional will be happy answer your insurance questions.

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