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Sponsored Webcast – Logistics Management – SOLAS – Moment of Truth

Webcast: SOLAS: The moment of truth has arrived
Date: Available On-Demand. Watch Now!
Duration: 1 hour

In this webcast, executive editor Patrick Burnson from Logistics Management and a panel of ocean shipping analysts – examine the range of flexibility in the methods available to shippers and forwarders and what kind of strategies should be put in place NOW.

Panel includes:
Dan Smith, Principal, The Tioga Group
Andrea Morreira, International Logistics Manager, Orchard Supply Hardware
Donald J. Kassilke, Counsel, Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (OCEMA)

This panel discussion is designed to bring clarity to the issue just before dawn breaks on a new era of compliance. Shippers will learn:

  • What the “market norm” will look like for VGM submission cutoff times
  • What shippers must do to ensure their suppliers are providing accurate weights
  • How ocean carriers are collaborating with shippers in providing proper documentation and protocols

This webcast was on Thursday, June 30 2016. You can view the recording on demand here.

Logistics Management featured Webcast

Logistics Management featured Webcast


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